We are a supply company that combined quality products with personal service by knowledgeable EDM people. The staff here at Imagination Machinery has over 30 years experience in EDM Machines and tooling making. We have become one of the leading leader of the industry by remaining true to our unique, successful business philosophy.

EDM Filters

Our filters are made in the USA and of the best of quality.

EDM Ceramic Guides

We have a great selection on Ceramic Guides, Rubber Grommets, and Accessories.

EDM Guide Systems

Our EDM drill guide system will help reduce setup time ,maintain more accurate alignment, and increase guide life. It’ slow price will reduce your cost as much as 75% per guide. It adapts easily to Current EDM, Chicago EDM, Japax, and most other brands of EDM Hole Drillers.

EDM Electrodes

Our electrode tubes are of the finest Japanese quality and consistency. Designed specifically for EDM drills, they are available in brass, copper, and coreless in 300mm and 400mm lengths.


We do our best to offer the lowest prices for quality items.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

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